Friday, November 21, 2008

Next Up!!

With the crazy humidity dampening me, I wave florida, the bands and crew that made up the =Rock What You Got tour goodbye! That took off in mid september going up and down and all around the United States! It was filled with amazing shows and not so amazing shows! It came with nights that everyone slept well and nights where everyone stayed awake laughing and throwing stuff at each other! For now I say goodbye and look at what's next on calendar. Thank God the holidays are here. So here comes phoenix. I will live there for 2 months and just chill with my family and friends. Plus the weather in nashville sucks. It is sooo cold. I really just love the sunshine set at 90 degrees so there is not a jacket to be found. Time off will be amazing just for taking time to start working on some new stellar stuff! So i will keep you updated on that and scarliet clothing company will be releasing some new stuff!!!! Please go check out

Sunday, November 9, 2008


The end of the tour is near, We have like 4 shows left and i am getting super excited.  This tour seemed just a bit different from previous tours!! When we usually tour, we go onto tours with bands we know and are pretty close friends with. This tour I knew no one, but just like every tour, its really like a school year. You make friends and in the first couple days. Then the school year goes on and  you might even make it to the BFF status. This is how the tour is ending up. I have made a lot of friends and its gonna be sad to goodbye. ANYWAYS!!!!! the holidays are here! which i'm stoked about cause that means......................i will be back home. PHOENIX! and im super busy as soon i get there, no time to chill, YET.. I am getting ready for the release of the SCARLIET clothing website. dec-5th is our goal date+ scar is releasing a new rad shirt so im thinking of fresh ideas for the photo shoot to really introduce the new shirt and re freshen up the rest of the line we have right now!  Welp Im off to bed. 


Saturday, September 27, 2008


Today was the sixth show of the tour. I woke up, got out of my bunk and walked around the city we were in for like 2 hours. So bored, then se up our gear, played the show and suddenly my day got better! Why? you ask, 5 words.... THE AMAZING BUFFALO WILD WINGS.  We went with Article One, another band on the tour!  We ordered so many wings and not just like the mild, but the hot of the hot. The drummer for Article One started sweating hardcore. It was very funny!!! That was most def the highlight of my day. So now its like 4:15 am and i am gonna go to bed. Tomorrow we have a show somewhere in ohio. 
I hope all of you had a good friday! my next post is going to be an AT THE DANCE fiction story.  About a high school dance that almost anyone can relate to!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Love You! You Don't Love me!

The following came straight from what i have heard, This is not about me personally!  

Where is the hope when all i do is tell you I love you. Have you said it back? I wish I could hear you say it just once more cause I have slowly forgotten what it feels like to be loved by you. I've done everything I can to be your one and only man. Am I not good enough? How long has it been since you have felt like this? Will there ever come a day where you will again look my way. I miss you. I miss going on dates and letting you stand on the pegs on the back wheel of my bike as we together looked for our next adventure! Only time will tell If we were meant to stay with each other, and if your choice is to to leave me? I wish i could run after you but my heart you have already broken into pieces and without that I cannot breath. Only my words can speak hope into you so with this I say Baby come back to me, I promise you, I am all you need. 

Who is the country band???

After 4 straight shows, we finally had a day off. What place better to go, than a live farm. I shot a really small pistol, that i referred to as the noisy cricket (MIB) and watched my friends shoot guns that were bigger than me!!! Straight after that I walked around and then suddenly stopped with my jaw open. I saw COWS, like 30 of them all within 10 feet of where i was standing. I got to see 2 of them poop and it must be mating season...hmhm....need I say more?  Then it was time for dinner. I ate 10 tacos and felt like a pregnant person not that i know exactly what that feels like, but kinda the whole top heavy deal... Life out on the farm is really cool, super quiet with stars that shine the brightest I've ever seen! That life works for many people I'm sure, but that not for me!!! Fun for a day, maybe even two. I am into the city life, the malls, the people, the freeways, where you cant see the stars cause the skyline is so big and bright, and did I say how much i like the malls?  So would I ever live out in the country? Nah probably not ever!!!     

Monday, September 22, 2008


On the road here we go. Tour is the best thing about being in a band, but with the first days of tour come weirdness!!! Its like the first day of school. You have your friends from summer which is my band, and all the other bands are the other kids at school. So we meet at catering, shaking hands, introducing ourselves to the the three other bands on this tour that is out away from out comfort zone for two and a half months.  After we all have met we start a full day of soundchecks.  Going over our set list and making sure everything is perfect! then catering again. (ALL TOUR IS, IS PLAYING A SHOW AND EATING FOOD) ITS SO HARD TO STAY IN SHAPE ON TOUR BECAUSE FOOD IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE and sometimes its even good food! So the show is about to start! We line up backstage as our intro begins. We hear the screams from behind the curtain (hopefully screams) as we walk onto the dark stage to get in position. BOOM we kick in and start another show! We play it like its our last, We put every ounce of energy into this show. We sweat until dehydrated and until our clothes are soaked! Gross? yea kinda but its all for the show!! The tour has began and we are 4 shows in. Slowly making new friends and our set is coming together. I will keep you updated......

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

7 o' clock, Be There or Be Square!!!


As the sun is falling down, the lights from the stretched hot pink limos light up the gymnasium of where emotions fill the room filled with excitement, jealousy, and hearts falling in love. Welcome to the dance!