Sunday, November 9, 2008


The end of the tour is near, We have like 4 shows left and i am getting super excited.  This tour seemed just a bit different from previous tours!! When we usually tour, we go onto tours with bands we know and are pretty close friends with. This tour I knew no one, but just like every tour, its really like a school year. You make friends and in the first couple days. Then the school year goes on and  you might even make it to the BFF status. This is how the tour is ending up. I have made a lot of friends and its gonna be sad to goodbye. ANYWAYS!!!!! the holidays are here! which i'm stoked about cause that means......................i will be back home. PHOENIX! and im super busy as soon i get there, no time to chill, YET.. I am getting ready for the release of the SCARLIET clothing website. dec-5th is our goal date+ scar is releasing a new rad shirt so im thinking of fresh ideas for the photo shoot to really introduce the new shirt and re freshen up the rest of the line we have right now!  Welp Im off to bed. 



Chase said...

Glad the tour was sweet.
Stoked for the new Scarliet Shirt/Shoot

PS It's nice to know I'm "The DJ's" only "Lover" ...though I'm sure that won't be the case for long...

jonathan said...

i didn't know you had one of these thingeys. cool!