Saturday, September 27, 2008


Today was the sixth show of the tour. I woke up, got out of my bunk and walked around the city we were in for like 2 hours. So bored, then se up our gear, played the show and suddenly my day got better! Why? you ask, 5 words.... THE AMAZING BUFFALO WILD WINGS.  We went with Article One, another band on the tour!  We ordered so many wings and not just like the mild, but the hot of the hot. The drummer for Article One started sweating hardcore. It was very funny!!! That was most def the highlight of my day. So now its like 4:15 am and i am gonna go to bed. Tomorrow we have a show somewhere in ohio. 
I hope all of you had a good friday! my next post is going to be an AT THE DANCE fiction story.  About a high school dance that almost anyone can relate to!!!!!!

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Chase said...

I wanna read this fiction story!