Monday, September 22, 2008


On the road here we go. Tour is the best thing about being in a band, but with the first days of tour come weirdness!!! Its like the first day of school. You have your friends from summer which is my band, and all the other bands are the other kids at school. So we meet at catering, shaking hands, introducing ourselves to the the three other bands on this tour that is out away from out comfort zone for two and a half months.  After we all have met we start a full day of soundchecks.  Going over our set list and making sure everything is perfect! then catering again. (ALL TOUR IS, IS PLAYING A SHOW AND EATING FOOD) ITS SO HARD TO STAY IN SHAPE ON TOUR BECAUSE FOOD IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE and sometimes its even good food! So the show is about to start! We line up backstage as our intro begins. We hear the screams from behind the curtain (hopefully screams) as we walk onto the dark stage to get in position. BOOM we kick in and start another show! We play it like its our last, We put every ounce of energy into this show. We sweat until dehydrated and until our clothes are soaked! Gross? yea kinda but its all for the show!! The tour has began and we are 4 shows in. Slowly making new friends and our set is coming together. I will keep you updated......

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