Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who is the country band???

After 4 straight shows, we finally had a day off. What place better to go, than a live farm. I shot a really small pistol, that i referred to as the noisy cricket (MIB) and watched my friends shoot guns that were bigger than me!!! Straight after that I walked around and then suddenly stopped with my jaw open. I saw COWS, like 30 of them all within 10 feet of where i was standing. I got to see 2 of them poop and it must be mating season...hmhm....need I say more?  Then it was time for dinner. I ate 10 tacos and felt like a pregnant person not that i know exactly what that feels like, but kinda the whole top heavy deal... Life out on the farm is really cool, super quiet with stars that shine the brightest I've ever seen! That life works for many people I'm sure, but that not for me!!! Fun for a day, maybe even two. I am into the city life, the malls, the people, the freeways, where you cant see the stars cause the skyline is so big and bright, and did I say how much i like the malls?  So would I ever live out in the country? Nah probably not ever!!!     

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